Wednesday, June 8, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

I am probably more excited than I should be about the fact that "Howl" is now available in my Netflix watch instantly queue.  Huzzah!  Just in case you are unaware, 'Howl' is only one of the most quintessential poems of this era.  If you take any Poetry 101 course in any university, I can guarantee you will read this poem.  It's just a part of the canon now.  Anyway, I digress...This particular poem is hands down my most favorite in the history of everdom.  Written by famous Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 1955 (or somewhere around there), it is a vibrant, moving, and stunning piece of work.  (Check it out when you have a minute.)  Needless to say that I will be sitting down not just to watch, but to devour the movie based upon Ginsberg's creation of this piece and the obscenity trial that directly followed its publication.  Just a heads up - the right to freedom of speech and creative expression triumphed in this particular case.

Watching this movie will be a high point in my upcoming weekend, and not just because James Franco is in it. Though it certainly doesn't hurt.  Ah yes, the kingdom of nerdiness is mine and I reign with an iron fist.  (Translation: I will make my husband watch it with me. Mwa ha ha ha.)

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