Sunday, June 19, 2011

I am a poetic pirate

ARRRg!  No, seriously...I have instituted my own version of the three R's when it comes to re-evaluating a rejected poem:  Rethink, Readjust, Resubmit.  Now that I am finally submitting my work to different literary publications I am terrified that I will over think the rejection letter and try to reinvent a poem that may very well be good as is.

That's the gamble - - what one publication will reject, another might seize with both fists - - and there is no way to know just how far you should take your revisions, if any, before resubmission elsewhere.  Perhaps that is why my first step of "rethink" is the most important.  This is creative writing.  Not psychoanalysis Freud style of those rejecting editors.  I have no idea what they were thinking or why, and it's never going to be productive to guess.  Instead,  I need to make sure I spend my time focusing on the worth of a particular piece, adjusting only what seems necessary, and being brave enough to give it another go.

So, yeah.  That's how to be a poetic pirate.  Barge in, blunder around, and steal what you want.  Oh no, sorry, that's wrong.  I meant to say that I should follow my own rules: Rethink, Readjust, Resubmit.  This will be my winning combination.  (...and my best excuse to drink rum, wear an eye patch, and call people lilly-livered scurvy dogs.  It's all a part of the writing process...)

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