Thursday, June 23, 2011

The game changer

So, let me just take you through my morning:

1.  Woke up to my clock radio playing a song that had every intention of lodging itself in my head all damned day. To thwart that unhappy plan, I promptly starting singing the theme song to "Cheers", because that was so much better.  (Listen, I am not at my whippiest at 6:04am.)

2.  Promptly fell over my 95lb dog while racing out of bed to the bathroom.  Awesome.  Not as if he's stealth-like or anything.  Narrowly avoided smashing my head into the corner of my dresser, so points for that.

3.  Decided that surely coffee could turn things around, because when does coffee make things worse?  Let me tell you.  When it is really farking hot and scalds the roof of your mouth.  Definitely worse.  

4.  Made it through my shower injury free, thank God.

5.  Bad hair day.  No more needs to be said about this.  Yes, it was really that bad.  Good thing none of my friends are hairdressers...I would have Edward Scissor Handed that shit on the double.

I finally made it out the door, all in one piece with all of my faculties functioning.  Since it was an absolutely miraculous morning - - gentle breeze, fluffy clouds, birds chirping - - I walked to work.  That's when I encountered my game changer.  I saw this:

It reads: "The world is amazing and beautiful and so are you"

Suddenly, things didn't seem so awful.  Someone out there thought I was beautiful and put it in a painting - THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.  I am sure of that.  Thanks random artist, you honestly made my day.  In turn, I listened to the Beach Boys and did a little shimmy-shimmy at the crosswalk in appreciation.

Moral of the story - - things will always change on you, it's up to you to change with them.  Guess I learned that life is truly what I decide to make of it.  I can tell you that dancing to "Help Me Rhonda" is a heck of a lot better than whining about my craptacular morning.

These are the kinds of mornings that make for good poems.

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