Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Must be genetic...

I don't know if I have ever been more proud of my daughter.  This moment of pride has nothing to do with goals scored in a soccer game or high marks on a report card.  It doesn't even have anything to do with nailing her lines in the all school assembly (which she did and I was thoroughly impressed).  It has everything to do with what she wrote down for her "I'm Thankful" assignment at school...
It reads:  Sadie.  I am thank for great teachers and dogs that can play.  Books and white boards, markers.  Thank you for my lovely mom and dad.  I'm thankful for trees and paper that lets us draw, water that I can spill on my paper.  I love my tears I can cry with. 

"I love my tears I can cry with" and "thankful for trees and paper that lets us draw, water that I can spill on my paper"  !!!!  Yes!  Amazing!  She's seven, and so comfortable thinking outside the box when it comes to writing.  My only hope is that this never goes away for her.  Even if she never thinks of writing books or poetry, the ability to express yourself in terms just one off of the mark is something to be proud of and held dear.

Go on kiddo and get down with your poetic self!  It must be in the genes....

(Side note:  I am also very proud that she recognizes her teachers and is thankful for them - - I am VERY thankful for them, too.  It's also nice that she acknowledges books.  Can I get a "woot woot" for the books?)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a little off topic. Eh, who cares.

Let's see, this particular tangent started because I was brainstorming ideas for a (relevant) blog post and got distracted in one of the most random texting relays to date.  I thought to myself, "Jenn, you have the most random friends.  Is this really the weirdest round of texts you've received?"  So, 20 minutes into going through the incoming and outgoing text messages on my phone, I have realized that I do not have the most ridiculous friends...I have some of the most AMAZING friends.  Truthfully, I cannot comprehend why these beautiful and wonderful people continue to talk to me, considering the things that come out of my mouth (usually at the most inappropriate times).  Examples of awesome friendship demonstrated below...

  • Sigh.  It's fine.  I'll just polish off these bottled margaritas myself and then sing and dance to bad 80's music alone in my dining room.  It's okay.  I'm embracing my middle agedness gracefully.
  • This is one of those High Heels vs. Chuck Taylor's things.  You = wine.  Me = margaritas.  Our Venn diagram overlaps at Boulevard.
  • The highlight of my day so far was when I ordered a roast beef sandwich at Subway and the lady was all, "good girl!".  WTF? I am not a pet doing a trick - - I ordered a friggin' sandwich!
  • What the hell are you doing in Cleveland?!?!?
  • What? Everybody has at least one thing - I just happen to do three- - song lyrics, walking thesaurus, and Confucious say.  I could do Yoda and be very annoying.  Very annoying is Yoda....
  • Oh man - I feel like everyone is going to start looking like James Spader circa 1985.  This does not bode well.  
  • Bahahaha!  Honey Badgers believe...

  • Hate you.  I really wanted that sandwich.
  • Omg. Please.  This is either going to end in awesome, disaster, or both.
  • You get no Elvis souvenirs bc/I fly through MINNEAPOLIS not MEMPHIS on the way home.  Boo.
  • You did miss the memo.  The douche fork look is very in now. (I am trying new nouns + douche...)
  • Pereson?  If it's not in the dictionary, we're defining it.  Perhaps someone with cuffed jeans, glasses, and wears a tie?
  • Also, I walked in on a man in the bathroom.  It was awkward. 
  • Toad the wet sprocket!!!!!

See - - told ya I had fantastic friends.  Feeling a bit jealous?  Yeah, I can imagine.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Creative overload (...oh,

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up and you just want to do every-little-frickin-thing?  Yeah.  I woke up and immediately wanted to create something.  Everything.  Right now.

I mean, I had a fiery vengeance to work on new poems, rework old poems, do some more writing for the photography book I've been asked to co-author, and to doodle some new cartoons, and to mod podge the shit out of some collages.  I wanted to be consumed by creativity and OWN IT.

Then, I spent the next hour on Facebook and Google+.  (sigh...)  I'm still itchy, though.  Ready to tear through some poetry like my life depends on it.  But I also want to make collages...  and look through photos for inspiration... and finish that book of poems by Malcolm Lowry.

I mean, the trouble here could be that I've been awake since 6:30 a.m. and have emptied an entire pot of coffee by myself.  Whatever.  I'm going to Hobby Lobby....