Thursday, May 29, 2014

Well, it was so nice, I did it twice!

Yup. I did it again. I put my poetry in the UNL Staff Art Show. AGAIN.

I know that last year I was a nervous wreck at the First Friday reception for the university staff art show, and this year wasn't any easier. It was almost worse because I knew what to expect this time. I knew there would be a guest book where strangers could leave notes about the pieces on display and there was no way I could not look at the book. Like a moth to a flame I started flipping through the pages to see if anyone had anything to say about my stuff. Well, they did. AND IT WAS LOVELY!! I was beyond elated. These two folks took the time to jot down their thoughts and it made me feel so good inside. Totally worth the nausea and sweaty palms.

There is no need to reiterate to you all that I am by no means an artist by definition. Sure, I like to make things and try new artsy stuff that I see on DIY blogs - - but I am a writer. That's my sweet spot. Sometimes I like to display my writing in a way that is visually appealing in hopes of getting more folks to read the words I wrote. Sometimes it looks like this when I'm done:

I titled this one "House of Cards". Copyright Jennifer Klein 2014. 

I don't have much more to say about this experience other than I will keep entering a piece into the staff art show every single year. It will continue to terrify me, I'll always be a bit shy about it, but hopefully it'll keep surprising me at how awesome it feels when I get to see my poetry hanging on a gallery wall. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

In the middle of nowhere, but I have everything.

Occasionally, my emotions are so overwhelming it seems like I could stop time and actually touch my feelings; like they are tangible things I could hold in my hands and rotate, look at, and dissect.

This weekend we (me, my husband, and my daughter) loaded up in our old Chevy truck and drove out to my mother's house in rural Nebraska for dinner. It was early evening, the sun was bright, the breeze was cool, the windows were down, and the radio was up. The three of us didn't have to talk to fill the gaps between us on the bench seat. We were comfortable just singing along with the Top 40 country songs coming through the speakers.

As we drove along, I felt...well, I just felt. I felt strong, loved, and perfectly perfect. It was one of those rare moments-in-time when all is right in the world. There really wasn't anything extra special about the day, the drive, or the song. We've driven that stretch of highway countless times together. But that moment was special - the quiet smile from my husband as I sang too loud and the giggle from my daughter as she spotted a few deer in a field - it's mine and I'll keep it stashed away in my brain for a good long while.

This is me. I'm in the middle of nowhere but I have everything.