Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Don't be an enabler, it's not healthy for either of us!

Dear friends and family:

It occurs to me that I should offer you fair warning.  Please know that I will try to use and abuse you in a way that you might not be ready for.  I might hit you up and ask if you would please read over my writing and give me your reactions, comments, edits, and overwhelming praise (ha, just teasing).  Feel free to tell me "no" if you don't want to for any reason, s'okay.  But should you choose to accept, I'm asking pretty please with sugar on top, DO NOT ENABLE ME.  Do not let me go off half-cocked thinking that I've got something pretty damned awesome, when in reality it just flat out blows.  Trust that I can take the criticism in the spirit in which you offer it - - I mean, I did ask for it. 

Okay, that's it.  High-fives all around. 



  1. Well, since you asked for it. This whole thing sucks.

  2. Obviously I'm totally lying. Tee hee hee. What could suck? I guess if people don't like you...they won't like this. It's just you...being you. I lurve it! :)