Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh for the love of Pete!

I had a sa-weet post for today, then I made the mistake of attempting to upload a picture.  Things went very, very wrong.  I swear on all things sarcastic that if I see the message "Bad request error 400" just one more time I am going to go all Office Space on this computer (while listening to the 'Damn it feels good to be a gansta' song).  Please note that I am not trying to make an excuse for this lack luster little gem here - - just feel like I should tell you that I didn't come to play with nothing to ante, the interwebs just hate me today.  Perhaps I shouldn't have been so cocky earlier this week when I unjammed the copy machine.  (I totally owned that bitch.  It was amazing.  Deserving of applause.)

Anywho, I sense that my luck might be running short so imma go get my Louisville Slugger and Discman prepped in case this goes south.

I'll have a better one of these to you soon...promise.

(UPDATE:  it took me 25 mins and 3 cache clearings and re-sign ins to get this posted.  Forget my previous deal, it might not get better than this until the rage clears.) 

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