The ones about cancer

So, most of this blog contains poems and ramblings about poetry. The other posts that aren't those things, are probably my posts about cancer. I tried my best to write honestly about my experience from diagnosis forward. If you're curious about that stuff, I've listed those posts below. I think you can figure out most of the topics based on the titles, but if not, I've given a little tidbit about each below:

The One About Cancer
Here's the one where I talk about my initial diagnosis and how I got myself ready for what was to come.

The One Where I Am So Stupidly Grateful
This is where I go on and on about how wonderful my friends and family are.

The One With/out the Hair
Yeah, this is the one where I talk about losing my hair.

The One Where I Can Actually Compare Myself to Angelina Jolie
Here is where I talk about BRCA genes, genetic testing, and preventative surgeries.

The One Where I List Things I've Learned So Far
This is when I was halfway through chemo and I began reflecting a bit and listing things I had learned so far.

The One Where I Look Back on Chemo
I think the title covers it. I take you from first to last chemo treatment.

The One With Another List of Things to Note
Here's the post where I talk about things that helped me get through.

The One With the Surgery
I had a port removal, double-mastectomy, and reconstruction. Here is where I talk about surgery and recovery.

The One With Radiation, But No Superpowers
This is the one where I talk about the ins and outs of my radiation treatments.

The One About the Last Surgery (It's finally "ovar-y"!)
Here's where I recap getting my ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

The One Where I Realize An Entire Year Has Passed
This is a mildly meandering post where I try to figure out how I feel one year after my initial diagnosis.

The One Where I Get My Purple Shirt
This is the one where I look back on my first Relay for Life event as a survivor.

The One About September 11th...But Not THAT September 11th
Here's where I explain why I smile and get a little emotional on September 11th - it's an anniversary of sorts for me.

In one of my posts I talk about the "Chemo Advent Box". This was a box my friend made me that had a gift for every week I had to do chemo. A total of 20 little gifts and doo-dads to open and make me smile on such a crappy day. People have asked me what kinds of things they might include in such a box. Here's some ideas:
  • Chapstick
  • Lotion (scented or unscented - depends on the person)
  • Gum (I liked spearmint and cinnamon)
  • Warm cushy socks
  • Candy (Hot Tamales, LemonHeads, and Starbursts were among my favorites)
  • Stocking hats
  • Mouth wash/rinse
  • Magazines
  • Coconut oil (to keep your nails healthy and no hangnails)
  • Sally Hansen "Nail Growth Miracle" 
  • Fun earrings

Curious about my medical team and want to know who my doctors are? Sure. I'm happy to tell you. I've had such great care from each of them and am so grateful for their help in getting me healthy and whole again:

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