Sunday, March 1, 2015

The one where I am so stupidly grateful.

For those of you following along at home, here's an update.

I made it through my first round of chemo just fine. It was a little dicey for a few hours with a nausea that was pretty intense, but nothing a few pills couldn't fix. The day after was pretty much a blur. (I slept through most of it.) Then each day after that got progressively better and I felt like Jenn again within 3-4 days. So, now I know what that's like and am prepared for the next one. As of right now, the hardest part for me is walking into the infusion room and being the youngest one in there. It's a weird feeling to see pity in the eyes of other folks who are on the same damned boat as me. Just another reminder that even us younger folks need to be diligent in maintaining our health, regularly getting check ups, doing self exams (breast and testicular), and so on.

Just a gentle reminder to the ladies to go ahead and give yourself a breast exam. DO IT.
image found on the internet - colleenclarkart.tumblr - Thanks Colleen Clark!

Also, can I just say that my litte Sigourney Weaver port is a frickin' godsend!! Honestly, I was so squicked out by the idea of having that device inserted into my body, but now I cannot be more relieved that I have it. Thanks, Sigourney. The veins in my hands and arms are so thankful. You can see in the pic below the little "scar" mark from where they put in Sigourney, and then the little white circle is actually like a capped needle that just pops on top of my port and the meds go in! Pretty slick (and painless) deal.

Now here's the thing. I've had some time to sit and stew and ponder and think. What I've come to know with 100% certainty is that my support system is as wide as it is deep and I am just not sure if I could be any more grateful, thankful, lucky, and happy to have you all. From the funny text messages to the Facebook PMs, to the IM's, the dinners you have cooked, the cards you have sent, and the rage you have expressed on behalf of my situation is almost overwhelming. I don't know that this process will ever be easy, but you all make it bearable. Thank you, thank you, thank you x 1,000. To know that you're there for me, Ben, and Sadie is such a relief and a comfort. I'm doing my very best to make sure that I am passing along all of the light and love, however I can. We've made cookies for the staff at the cancer center, and I'm planning on bringing the nurses donuts on chemo day. Gotta keep the goodness going.

Well, I don't want to sit at the computer any longer today. It's a lovely day and I feel good. I'm going to clean my house (never thought I'd be excited to do that, but here we are) and nag my kid about homework and practicing her guitar (again, never thought I'd be thrilled to do that either).

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