Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zodiac Exercise #3 - Pisces

Yes, it is that time again. Time for the third installment of my Zodiac writing exercise. (You'll notice that Capricorn was an acrostic poem, Aquarius attempted some mild rhyming, and Pisces will go the sestina route.  Well, sort of. This will be a bastardized version of a sestina.) Okay, I am choosing five words that relate to Pisces. I'll use them in order 1-5 as the last word of each line for one stanza, then 5-1 as the last word of each line for another stanza, then I'll jumble them all up for two lines as my ending. Ready? 

Here are my words:
  1. secrets
  2. dream
  3. feel
  4. water
  5. two
Here is my poem titled, Duo:

Between us we keep space, but no secrets.
Against our skin the world feels harsh; needing the blurred lines of a dream.
Edges are too sharp for touching and I cannot feel.
My tears and your laughter, both flowing like water.
Knowing what comes next is step two.

Knowing the pieces of my whole equals us, just two.
I can easily swim through your thoughts like a fish in water.
You can hear it, but tell me how you feel.
We both hate this dream.
Wishing for youthful secrets.

This secret and lonely dream feels a bit like trying to pour water
from one large pitcher into little tiny glasses without spilling.
A now uncomfortable dinner for two.

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