Monday, March 12, 2012

Productive? Maybe. A little. Well...sort of.

Okay, I really did slack off during the month of February in terms of having "submission-ready" pieces, well, ready to submit. Sorry. I suck. It happens and I've already moved on from my guilt.

HOWEVER, what I did do was put out a few good writing exercises, asked a friend to read over some of my work for the first time, and met with one of my former college professors. Both of these things were time well spent and are currently helping me get on track to submit for March.  Perhaps I will take the advice given to me and begin doing multiple submissions. The more pieces I get out there to more places should only increase my chances of getting a "yes", right? Seems logical.

Like I said, maybe not so productive in one area (ahem...cough *submitting* cough), but totally nailed it in others. This trying to get published business is not all frivolity, lattes, and quite moments of epic pondering. It's work...but worth it.

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