Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's not being lazy - - it's art, dammit.

There is some truth to the age old cliche of "less is more".  I think a bulk of the reason I love poetry so much is that it uses half the amount of words to convey twice the amount of emotion.  Thus proving that less is more.  (Unless you are talking about french fries or mint chip ice cream.  Then it is never true.  NEVER.)  No, it doesn't mean I am a lazy person.  Dammit, it takes a lot of brain power to think of just the right word at just the right time to get just the feeling you want people to share down on paper (or screen).  It is effing hard.

To further prove my point, I refer you to a particular website...  It is a website of Garfield comic strips that have cleverly removed any and all mention of Garfield.  Again, less is more.  (...and by "more" I mean hilarious.) 

Think about it.  When someone tells you that "your eyes sparkle like the stars that guided ships to new worlds" and that "your hair is as soft as newly spun silk" - - what you really want to hear is a simple "I Love You."  One more time folks, and all together now - -  less is more.

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