Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'll have the 'Lost Track of Time' with a side of 'Lame Sauce', please?

It is honestly July 19th?  What?  How did that happen?  Well, I suppose it is time for some brutal honesty, dear readers.  I haven't started a single new poem this month.  Not even one line.  It's official -- I am an asshat.  A complete failure of epic proportions.  My plan at this point is to take some of my previously rejected poems and send them in to new and as of yet unsolicited publications.

This is all fine and good if we are going to simply gloss over the fact that I HAVEN'T PUT ANYTHING NEW DOWN ON PAPER!  I am riding a massive wave of guilt and self-loathing.  Last night is when it finally clicked in my head that I am approaching the end of the month (because I was writing out my mortgage payment) and I was all, "Oh My God!  It's the 18th.  That means I haven't written anything in weeks!"  and my daughter was all, "I didn't know it was the 18th either.  But, I am a good forgetter....(insert her mini person shoulder shrug here)"  Well, if she forgot and I forgot  - - I am just going to run with the excuse that my house is a vortex of time and as previously mentioned, I will just gloss over the fact that I am an asshat. 

Hopefully I can do a bit of writing today while I am sitting at home waiting for the plumber.  Because we all now how terribly inspiring that can be for a poet...

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