Monday, February 13, 2012

Zodiac Exercise #2 - Aquarius

Okay guys and dolls, I know that it has been a while since I last posted anything.  Apologies all around.  However, after a busy weekend, I now have a stunning new kitchen so I don't really feel all that guilty.  Alas, I have not forgotten my quest for the Zodiac exercise.  Now ladies and gents, I present the second installment...and I warn you that rhyming is not my strong suit.  (Unless I do it in jest.  Then, I am the best.  See what I did just there?)

Aquarius: a rhyme of moderately epic proportions

I seem to be the beast.  This, my burden to bear.
Carrying a delicate but sturdy jug, brimming with a grandmother's hopes,
a teacher's plans, and a soldier's fears.
My vessel drawn with images of happiness, colored by despair.

Spill not one small wet bead.
As each is a precious piece of more.
Wishes, lies, and fate.
All cautioning to slow down and take heed.

Mustn't resent the work, the load, the responsibility.
It's done for humanity.
My humility.

Cleansing all; wash away these sins of days went by and gone.
My duty lasting from the first peek of the sun, to the full smile of the moon.
For ever after and ever long.

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