Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Between a rock and a hard place

I took a round about way to fixing my mental block and asked a very dear friend of mine to please send a few pictures that I could use for writing prompts.  He quickly recognized the importance of this request and graciously acquiesced.  What a good friend, eh?  So, here is the photo...

Photo credit: Zachary Chipps 2012
And here is my accompanying piece of poetry, aptly titled: Between a Rock and a Hard Place...

There is more to living than just growing.
Thriving, defying, gaining; becoming something stronger.
This is bold.

It is not how you surround yourself.  Protect yourself.
More than that, it is where you put down roots.
How far you let them go.
How deep.

Not delicate.  This one, blooming in full sun.
Throwing its petals out, face up, and owning the heat.
Feeling the glory.
A small victory at every sunset.
A new defeat every day.