Monday, January 21, 2013

We've done we'll do IM's...because they are funny, dammit.

On a totally un-poetic, not very "literary", note - - I would like to talk about friendship.

Folks, I'll have you know that I just turned thirty. Yup. The big 3-0. I had a shindig and as all my friends and family were surrounding me, I realized that I have the most ridiculously absurd friends. And I love them dearly. However, we all have that  friend. The one who knows that deep down you are a actually a super judge-y person full of inappropriate jokes, are a borderline asshole, and loves you despite all that. Maybe, quite possibly, because of all that. Well, I am lucky enough to have a few of those friends, but one in particular demonstrates these qualities in spades. You've seen some of our random text messages here. But please, let me introduce you to a handful of our instant messages:

Conversation 1: 

HER: Still, that's a lot of cat heariding
but possibly also hea-riding.

ME: How did you know I recently became a fan of hea-riding?
Heas are truly magnificent creatures

HER: I hate you.

Conversation 2:

HER: Just learning some interesting facts about Christina Aguilara

ME: Oh, Christina Aguilara.
She's just a genie in a bottle...
who knows what a girl wants...

HER: That song is going to be in my head all day today.

ME: you know, she's a fighter...


ME: who's reflection shows...

HER: Now it's like a medley in my head.
I hate you.

ME: that you are beautiful in every single way.
Bahahahahahaha! I WIN.

HER: If there was no one around I would be singing these out loud.

ME: I know.
But did you know that there ain't no other man who stands up next to you?
Especially down by the old Moulin Rouge?
Okay, okay. I'm done.

I really hate you.
I'm bringing back something for your daughter that makes obnoxious noises.

Conversation 3: 

HER:  Well done 10 year old Jenn. Not immature at all.

ME :::bowing deeply::: 
Because I don't ever fucking curtsy.


Conversation 4:

ME: Also, this weekend, at 1am, I very literally yelled at college kids to "Get off my lawn!"

HER:  That makes me infinitely happy.
The neighbor boys?

ME: Yup. It was a two-kegger party night.
With a van shuttle service.
I spoke with their appointed "Sober Monitor"

HER: That's not good. But hilarious

ME: I might have referred to him as "Sober Wan-Kenobi"


I just LOOOOVE clip art. This is what turns up when you search for "friendship".
Yes. This is precisely what comes to mind. 

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  1. Yep, precisely. That's my new favorite photo. Because probably that will be us in like 50 years.