Monday, September 17, 2012

"Creative Writing" (No eye rolling or sighing implied)

Do you ever get the feeling that when people talk about creative writing, they are implying air-quotes? Like "Creative Writing" (sigh, eye roll, air quotes)? As if it is something to be mocked?

I really don't think they understand that creative writing is much more than sonnets, soliloquies, and iambic pentameter. It is song lyrics, movie scripts, and stand up comedy routines. It is fortune cookie slips, advertising copy, and op-ed pieces.

Know what you don't ever hear: "I'm sorry, did I hear that correctly? You're a rocket scientist? How useful is that in everyday life? I can't believe your parents supported that college major!".  Sheesh. To each their own, right?

Yes. I am a writer. A creative one at that.

A friend of mine found this on the interwebs and sent it to me. Yes, she was also an English major in college. How'd you guess?

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