Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yes, I'm crazy. But it's part of the job description.

Something to know about me is that I am simply brimming with eccentricities, superstitions, and odd compulsions.  However, I feel like this is not only an accepted part of Jenn the mother, wife, friend, etc., but also a part of what it is to be a writer, period.  I find it amazing that those of us who feel the need to create by way of writing can see our similarities in these far reaching and unconventional ways, no matter our color or creed, and acknowledge that these are the unconventional fibers binding us.  

Personally, I will admit to a preference for writing in purple or blue ink on either college ruled or graph paper before I even contemplate turning on my laptop.  I definitely have a three-ring-binder with folders, y'all.  Holla!  I also have a strong belief in using postcards for bookmarks - - and almost never an actual bookmark.  Don't ask me why, couldn't explain it if you did.  This might just put some of you out there on overload - - but I am a chronic binding breaker. GASP!  I wreck my paperbacks like it is my job.  And these are just a few of my low level reading/writing related "things".  Let's not even get started on the regular day-to-day stuff...I could be here all damned day.

BUT - - when I read things like how Pablo Neruda always wrote in green ink because it was his personal color of hope, or how Nabokov wrote on index cards at a lectern in his socks, or how Flannery O'Connor made sure to turn her desk away from any windows, or how Kent Haruf will remove his glasses, pull a stocking cap down over his eyes, and type the first draft single-spaced on an old manual typewriter - - suddenly I feel like one of the gang.  These are my people.  No judgments.  No questions.  Total understanding that if these oddities are what it takes to churn out such mind-blowing pieces of work, so be it.

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