Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wordsmithing, part deux.

Please pardon my absence from the blog this past week, I was suffering from some kind of warped flu-like cold thing.  It was awful.  (Though probably not so awful for my husband because I was taking day/nyquil.  Cold meds + Jenn = A hilarious kind of insane.)  At any rate.  I'm back.

So, we've done this before, but I think it's time for another segment on wordsmithing.  If you'll take a stroll down memory lane with me, you'll recall that we've already talked about sestinas and haikus.  Today, I think we'll talk about the acrostic poem.  Basically, this is a poem where the first letter of each word of each line spells out a message of sorts.  Kind of like an acronym.  Acrostic, acronym - - you still with me?  Good.  Let's keep moving.  I like to work on this kind of a poem just get my head in the game.  It really helps me pull out some key phrases that I might use for a completely different poem.  Now, a person could just choose one word to work from -or- you could go for a whole phrase.  I think we'll start slow today and go with the word "Bottom".  I like to try and keep each line related to the word I'm working from, but you don't HAVE to.  There really aren't any rules with writing.  There are no Poetry Police lurking around the corner.  (Word selected from the Random Word Generator found at

Okay, here we go...

Bottom - 

By the grace of all angles in Heaven, you will know one thing before this is over.

Out of the darkest recesses within your fear, no thought is too scary for the two of us.  

Those who love and need you.  Who will cry for you.  Will hold you.  If you want.  If you choose. 

Tell us the time is now.  Tell us you are ready.

On your mark we will get ready.  Be set.  Go where you take us. 

My love for you is unending.  One simple thing to know.  Use it like a shield, a beacon.  Never an anchor.

BAM!  Acrostic poem.  Done and done.

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