Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yup. I did it again. Another art show.

That's right, my friends. I definitely put my poetry in another art show.

This is the third time I have entered my poetry on canvas into the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Staff Art Show. As you might imagine I was once again nervous about doing it, but did it anyway. Once again, I'm glad I did. I kind of like the pressure to perform, knowing that I am working on a deadline with a very public outcome. It certainly freaks me out and gives me more than a little anxiety - but I do kind of like it.

This year, the art show is being held in the University library - - Love Library. I mean, what is better than having your art/poetry hung in a library? It's fantastic!

Here's my two pieces. 

...and here is what they look like hanging with other pieces. 

You may or may not know that my husband is a bow hunter. So, I took one of the deer skulls from his harvest last year and painted the face black and then put some designs in silver on it. Next, I took it outside and snapped some photographs, some with that skull by itself, and some next to a doe skull. I took those photographs and manipulated them on my computer. Then I transferred the images I liked best onto canvas. Last, but not least, I added the poem. In case you can't read the microscopic text in the photos I posted above, here is the poem I wrote: 

These Bones

These bones
are the only permanent thing about me.

I can change my mind
but I can never change
my secrets
and smiles full of big teeth -
or is it big smiles full of teeth?

Every demon wants its pound of flesh.
But me,
I just want your pure white bones.

People tell me to walk away but
this need for you is bone deep and
my bones
well, they follow me everywhere.
Don’t they know a person can never outrun
the shadow inside their body?

I am the darkness and the skeleton in this closet
sitting close to your button down shirts that I used to adore.
The button down shirts that smell like
stale coffee and strong promises -
or is it strong coffee and stale promises?
Sometimes we confuse me.

It’s funny how everything changes.
Everything but these bones.  
These bones
are the only permanent thing about me.

These Bones, Jennifer Klein, 2015

These Bones, Jennifer Klein, 2015

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