Friday, May 3, 2013

Just my first art show. No Big Deal. (I sure hope you read that with the appropriate level of sarcasm...)

Remember how I told you all about my act of subterfuge? How I weaseled my poetry into an art show? Well, here's how it went...

This is me living out my childhood dream of being a brown haired Vanna White. 

So, there was a reception during the April First Friday Artwalk. OF COURSE THERE WAS!
That didn't make me anxious at all. (It is one thing to send in poems to journals and writing competitions because those people are faceless and if/when they reject me it doesn't feel personal because I am not staring at their faces making small talk while it happens.) I was absolutely terrified of overhearing someone make fun of my stuff or tear it down to tiny little pieces. I am fairly self-aware and know that I am not a traditional "artist". There were things hanging on those gallery walls that just blew my mind and in no way could I even begin to compare my stuff to theirs. Apples to bowling balls. But guys, nothing horrible happened. In fact, people were so nice and curious and even complimentary! It really was okay. I really was just fine.

Here is my proof that people were good to me. I don't know Chelsea L., but I think she's fantastic and clearly has great taste. :o) 

To make what could be a very long story made short, this was a wonderful experience. I created something out of my norm, put on a brave face, and hung these pieces on a wall for the world to see. It was hard and stressful and uncomfortable, but worth it. People asked good questions, smiled genuine smiles, shook my hand, said they were proud, and it was an awesome night! I'll probably do it again next year...with a roll of Tums in hand. Or a stronger drink...

"The Looking". Copyright Jennifer Klein 2013.

"The 2nd Time Around". Copyright Jennifer Klein 2013.

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