Monday, August 27, 2012

Walk right in, sit right down

So, there I was, walking around the neighborhood and minding my own business when I saw this old blue chair stashed in the way back of a yard. It wasn't too far from my house so I hustled back and grabbed my camera. This blue metal chair looked to me like something that belonged on a movie set somewhere down south. I'm thinking on the bayou, maybe? It looked like a chair that I should sit in and think about things. Every-little-thing. All of the things.

At any rate, I got to thinking and you know what happens then...either awesome things or terrible things...In this case, it turned out to be just mediocre things. However, some of those mediocre things might make for a good poem some day. Here are some of the lines and phrases I thought of:
  • Sucked into a pull with no control - can't push. But these reflexes are simple: fight or flight.
  • Flayed by the sharp lash of your tongue and scarred by the daggers in your eyes.
  • Is it really and truly a second chance when you never wanted to give the first?
It is a good chair. Now that I know it exists, I see it everyday on my way to the bus stop. Everyday it makes me think about poems, traveling to Louisiana, maybe learning French, and about the merits of a good chair.

Looked like a good place to sit down and do some thinkin'. Photo credit: Jennifer Klein 2012.

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