Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So it begins

Ah, where to start. For anyone who has been blessed with the need to create, surely you understand the feeling that beginning to crochet will absolutely improve your artistic senses, that learning Swahili can only increase your creative juices, and so on.  Okay, okay, let's call it what it really is.  Procrastination.  (Gasp!) Since I have already mined my abilities for crocheting (scarves are my limit) and I really can't fit more than a rudimentary grasp of Spanish in my brain - I am exploring free-form writing (cough *blogging* cough).

A brief history might help you understand.  I knew from the ripe age of 16 that I wanted to grow up and be a writer.  A poet to be specific.  My parents were surprisingly supportive of my decision to go to college and study English with an emphasis in creative writing.  (By supportive, I mean they still paid for this crazy education that has no secure job prospects upon graduation.  Thanks you guys!)  Flash forward a few years.  Now I am working full time, married, have a ridiculously awesome daughter - - but I still can't justify calling myself a writer yet.  Because I haven't had the guts to submit my work.  Lame, I know. 

So here I go folks.  I am writing AND submitting poetry like a regulated machine.  Instead of a food journal like any good dieter keeps, I will be keeping tabs on my fantastic voyage (slide slide slippity slide - - if you don't get the reference I suggest you Google Coolio immediately) right here.  Fingers crossed...

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